Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you read my previous post, you might already know that I have been working on a few pokemon ami's for my brother (Wooper, and Psyduck). And . . . (Drumroll) WOOPER IS FINISHED! :D I adore Wooper, and he was so fun to make, too! Oh, the joy that came out of watching him take shape as I made him . . . anyhoo, I finally found my camera, so I've decided to post some pictures for ya! :) Enjoy! :)

                                                                                        Daw!!!!! ^.^
                                                                                       So Cute! :D
                                                                                   Ain't he adorable? :3

You can find the pattern to make this Amigurumi Doll at:

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  1. Wooper is definitely adorable! Thank you for sharing the pattern link. :D